About me

Rasha Alkhadra

Social and Cultural Integration Activist | Motivational Speaker | YouTuber and Social Media Professional | Journalist |Dentist

Education and Qualifications:


Certificate as a coach and trainer in social and cultural subjects (2019)
Berlin, Germany , Trixiewiz e.V.


Master of Science in Periodontal dentistry - (2013)
Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

Post Graduate Diploma in Periodontal Dentistry - (2000)
Damascus University, Damascus, Syria.

Doctor of Dental Medicine - (1998)
Damascus University, Damascus, Syria

German, Arabic, and English.


Professional Summary:
Charismatic and persuasive leader featuring expertise in public speaking, social media, and journalism • Delivered numerous workshop on cultural, social, and immigrants/refugees empowerment • Expertise in creating, operating and managing social media portals, specifically YouTube channels • Superb communicator with a listener-friendly voice and screen-likable appearance • An investigative journalist with a focus on social and cultural integration • Trilingual, with excellent proficiency in English, and Arabic and good German.



Relevant Experience:

-MiMi Gesundheitsinitiative . Berlin

3.05-1.06.2019 . Course as a healthcare system mediator through events.

-Along with G-100 Project , I worked for 8 Hours as a facilitaor in a world cafe day , G-100 is workshops based initiative where newcomers, European citizens, and decision makers meet to discuss certain challenges that refugees are facing. 27.04.2019


-Information Facilitator through Social Media platforms

Bezirksamtramt Mitte, Berlin starting from 19.03.2019 on going.

-DAFG e.V , Berlin

Presenter "How does it mean to be labeled a "Refugee"14.03-2019


-Indisoft GmbH , Berlin

Workshop facilitator , Intercultural communication. 25.02-7.03-2019


-Raseef22 Newspaper, Freelance Journalist

. www.raseef22.com 6.02.2019


-VIA Verein 29.10.2018

Presenter in an event about raising the awareness about HIV.



- Evangelische Hochschule

Recruter, Focus group Facilitazo and Translater in a Project Called "baby Buddy" in corporation with Cypres University of Technology and Supported from Erasmuss+



- Verband moveGlobal e.V/ Samo.fe Participant in an extended discussion under the theme "Stärkung die Aktiven aus Migrantenorganazition in der Flüchtlingsarbeit. Sep 2018


A Jury member in Farben Bekennen Award and a Participant in a press conference in the "Rotes Rathaus" as a former protagonist in this campaign to announce the new initiation from "Farben Bekennen" campaign, the Farben Bekennen Award, which is working on motivating the individual efforts as well as the institutional ones which enhance the cohesion in society and fights racism. Since sep 2018


- Körber-Stiftung, Hamburg
Participant in Expert Discussion in Exile Journalists in Germany.


- Inssan e.V und Verband moveGlobal e.V, Berlin
Participant in Expert Discussion in Empowering Women.


- Tagesspiegel Newspaper
Freelance Journalist - Jetzt schreiben wir Project. 
Since Apr 2018


- Abwab – First Arabic Newspaper in Germany
Freelance Journalist
Since Apr 2018 


- A protagonist in a Campaign "Farben bekennen" that was sponsered by Berlin Government in the field of fighting the prejudice about refugees.
YouTuber "Rasha and Life" Nov - Dec 2017


- Established in 2016 with the aim of helping and motivating migrants/refugees integrate with the new society. Also, the channel aimed at educating German citizens about the different cultures that are coming into Germany.
Videos are in German, Arabic, and English

Since Oct 2016


- Deutschlandfunk Kultur Radio
Co-moderator - Syrmania Podcast
Moderated 12 episodes (6 in Arabic and 6 in German)
Focus on building bridges between the German and Syrian cultures

Oct-Dec 2017


- Teachsurfing, Berlin
Workshop Facilitator – Cultural Intelligence and Integration in Germany. 
16 Aug 2017


- Rem-connect speak out TV.
Alex Berlin
Workshop Facilitator – Empowering Women
Remconnect- speak out TV. 
Jun 2017


- Participated as a guest to talk about my experience as a woman in Germany, and was the first time I speak German in Public
https://youtu.be/ty0fojVR4ck. 02 May 2017


- LAG Brandenburg, Potsdam
Workshop Facilitator – Intercultural Communication (Mit Hand und Fuß-interkulturelle Kommunikation). Dec 2016





Training Received:

-29.04.2919-10.05.2019, Germany , Berlin , Social Media Management Course. Indisoft GmbH

-1.04.2019-30.04.2019 Germany, Berlin, Internship at Rosa Luxemberg Stiftung / political Academy

-14.05.2018-03.2019, Germany Be Visible Schulung, Trixiewiz

coach and trainer in social and cultural subjects.

-18-20.05.2018, Switzerland Kane & Alllessia’s: World Class Speaker

-21-25.11.2016, Germany Ein Kreativer Video-Workshop für Junge Migrantinnen in Berlin

Additional highlights:

- I was interviewed by some Media outlets like Alarabia, orient tv, and Rbb Cosmo

- I participated in the campaign "Farben Bekennen" with other seven newcomers, a campaign done by the government of Berlin aiming to reduce prejudice in the German society during the period of time 4.11.2017-12.12.2017

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