Public Speach and Workshops 

-With the  Cultural Forum for Advocacy & Change, at 27.04.2019 in Berlin.

I was a Geust speaker to discuss Arabic women situation in Germany.


- In DAFG e.V , (The German Arabic friendly Society) 14.03.2019, Berlin

I was a Presenter "How does it mean to be labeled a "Refugee"

-In 29.03.2019 I have joined the team of "Life Back Home" The project organizes lectures and workshops with refugees from Syria and Iraq and Yemen in German school classes To educate the new generations about different cultures, reasons of their escape, and the difficulties which are facing newcomers

-Between 25.02.2019-7.03.2019  by Indisoft GHbm                       

I have delivered a  16 hours workshop that includes topics related to intercultural communication, cultural intelligence,cultural diversity, Identity, Trauma, Racism, Diversity in Syria and the escape journey of single Mothers with their children from Syria to Germany.

It was delivered to individuals who wants to be qualified to work as social workers with refugees

-In the "Rotes Rathaus" in Berlin,02.12.2018, I held a laudation to announce the winner in a competition that was run by Berlin Government, in the ending event of the campaign "Farben Bekennen"

-I have presented the complications that faced me when I filmed the video that encounters HIV.

the presentation was a part of an event held by VIA e.V to raise the awareness about Aids and HIV.
In 29.10.2018. Berlin

- Participant in Expert Discussion in Empowering Women in German Language. 22.06.2018
Inssan e.V und Verband moveGlobal e.V, Berlin

- I presented about my youtube channel in an event Held by Tagesspiegel

Almost exactly two years ago, exile journalists came to the Tagesspiegel- Haus for the first time to produce a special edition under the title #jetztschreibenwir. Since then, the October 16, 2016 issue has won multiple awards, and the project has continued with special pages,
"Divan" events, and a "We Choose Freedom" supplement. On June 16, another supplement entitled "
Heimaten" will be published - and this is celebrated with a celebration for readers of the Tagesspiegel and for the exile journalists and their families. Cooperation partners are the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


The authors write in the supplement about their understanding of Heimat: How many "homes" do I have, how far has Germany already become a home? What does "home" mean to me as a Kurd, as a
woman, as a homosexual? Photographer Ali Ghandtschi has photographed the authors in places where they feel at home - his photos will be featured in the supplement and in an exhibition in the Tagesspiegel House.

-I was invited from the German-Arabic Friendship organization DAFG To talk about the Radio Programm "Syrmania" and highlights the important 9th of Feb. 2018.Berlin

-I was invited From Dr. Marwa Mahdi in an event called "Almawsim AlArabi " الموسم العربي " and participated in a motivational speech in Arabic to motivate the newcomers to get involved in the new society.inJune 2017.Berlin

- I have delivered a workshop in Intercultural Communication, by
Teachserfing e.V under the title of  "cultural Intelligence and integration in

August 2017

- I have delivered a workshop in Empowering women with Rem-connect
Speak out TV, supported by Alex Media in Berlin.

June 2017

- I have delivered a workshop in Intercultural Communication (Mit Hand
und Fuß-interkulturelle Kommunikation) with LAG org in Brandenburg.

Dec 2016.




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